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Tech for Inclusive Health Hackathon

Saturday, April 29, 2017

$5,000 1st Place Prize!



Hackathon // Participant Registration


Hackathon Registration
Registration Deadline: April 22, 2017 @ 11:59pm
Cost: Free!


Hackathon // Background

Tech for Inclusive Health focuses on building mobile applications that advance mental health, self-care, and emotional resilience of adults.

The goal will be to produce software, in the form of mobile applications, that meets the needs of adult males and females who want to improve and maintain their self-care, mental health, and emotional resilience.


Special Considerations

Research based – take into account existing research in cognitive behavioral therapy, emotional quotient/intelligence, and coaching methodologies

Access to professionals – provide access to professional help as needed by the app user

Diversity – demonstrate inclusiveness in all stages and areas of app development, from UX to content to methodology

Privacy – protect the privacy of app users, same as doctor-patient privilege


Challenge Structure

The participants’ job in this challenge is to create a mobile app on either an iOS or Android platform to be hosted on either Linux, Windows, or Mac servers.


Mentors & Judges

Mentors will be floating throughout the hackathon space to advise participants as they hack as well as reviewing submissions via DevPost.
The mentors will be available to all teams. Their functional expertise (UX, back end, database, specific language, security, etc.) will bring valuable insight and depth to the your projects.
Mentors will point your teams in directions that will enhance your solution. They will ask open ended questions that will encourage and challenge you in developing an innovative solution. Mentors are not part of any team, so they will not be involved in the implementation of your application.
Judges will review and score all submissions for the hackathon and judge the participants via DevPost.



$5,000 1st Place Prize!


Hackathon // Submission Guidelines

  1. Business Model
    1. Executive Summary – This should be a very brief summary about what the app should be able to do, how it will benefit different parties involved.
    2. Target audience demographic profile
    3. Business model, launch plan, and sustainability plan
  2. App Design
    1. Project plan: Platform, workflow for the application, list of projected challenges, mockups, etc.
    2. Architecture: This must include a mockup of the platform architecture and a mockup of the proposed user interface. These may be sketched by hand or digitally.
      1. Upload a PNG, GIF or JPG of your system architecture
      2. Upload a PNG, GIF or JPG with a sketch (or draft screenshot) of the expected user interface of the system you are building
      3. All groups should also create a list of deliverables that cannot be completed within the timeframe of the competition, but should be addressed for full functionality before launch


Hackathon // Scoring

Business Model ViabilityTarget audience is clearly defined, needs are well identified, and marketing plan addresses this audience creatively. The app design matches the needs of this audience, and the launch plan is thorough. Sustainability and monetization are realistically addressed.Target audience is defined, needs are identified, and there is a solid marketing plan in place. The app design addresses most needs of the target audience, and there is a launch plan in place. Sustainability and monetization are addressed.Target audience is defined, needs are identified, but marketing plan is weak. The app design addresses some needs of the target audience, and there is a launch plan in place. Sustainability and monetization are addressed but could be overly optimistic.Target audience is broad and needs are vaguely defined. Marketing plan is in place but is not based on solid demographic information. The app addresses a few of the needs of this audience. Launch plan is incomplete. Sustainability is overly optimistic or not sufficiently addressed.Target audience is too broad for needs to be well defined. Marketing plan is vague, or overly complex. The app fails to address the needs of this audience. If there is a launch plan, it is incomplete. Sustainability is overly optimistic or not sufficiently addressed.
FunctionalityThe idea seems extremely feasible and viable with a high probability of success.The idea seems reasonably feasible and viable with a fair level of potential for success.The idea seems moderate, and has a good probability of success.The idea might be feasible and viable, but the probability of success could be higher.The idea might not be feasible and viable, and has a rather low probability of success.
Technical DifficultyDesign of application is very user friendly.
Application is strongly designed and features implemented have a realistic application.
Solution was creative and addressed most of the special considerations.
Design of application is user friendly.
Application has good design. At least one functional feature, others near implemented with realistic application.
Solution was creative and addressed most of the special considerations.
Application has satisfactory design.

Most features are incomplete in implementation, but given some time, would be good and relevant.
Most features are incomplete in implementation, but given a significant amount of time and resources, could be good and relevant.Design of application is poor and incomplete in implementation.

Hackathon // Submission Instructions

  • Go to On the top menu, click Hackathons and search for Tech For Inclusive Health.
  • On the top right corner, click the green/teal button to submit your work
  • Enter a title, an elevator pitch, and your team members. The “It’s Built With” field is optional.

  • In the “Here’s The Whole Story” section, indicate what type of solution you are building (web app, mobile app, or something else) and enter your executive summary, design/features, and roles as described in the Submission Guidelines above.

  • Leave the “Try It Out” field blank.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.



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